Our slot machines are some of the most up to date on the market. Our machines have progressive jackpots, touch screen options, industry leading screens and how to play information on screens.

Fancy a chance to win up to £20,000 from a minimum bet? Play the IGT Diamond Spins slots now for that chance!

Our range of IGT multi game slots feature classic games such as Cleopatra and Golden Goddess but now come with the added excitement of Diamond Spins progressive jackpots. Will you be lucky enough to turn diamond spins into diamond wins? There are many ways to win including 3 progressive jackpots, fixed cash awards and free spins.

How to Play

The machines accept all denominations of notes and allow you to choose how many lines you want play and how much you want to stake. The cost per play can vary from 20p to £5 based on your preference.

All the slots have a pay table to show all the winning combinations and can pay out up to JACKPOT. When you have finished playing, press the cash button and you will receive a ticket to the value of your credits which you can exchange for cash at the front desk. Alternatively, you can use your ticket in another electronic terminal or slot machine.

Common Myths About Slots



Slot machines positioned at busy areas within the Casino pay-out more than the ones situated in quieter locations.


The location of the slot machines makes no difference to the chances of winning. All MERKUR Casino slot machines are random.



Slot machine odds are controlled by the Casino.


MERKUR Casino and our staff have NO control over the outcome of games played.

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